Right-of-Way Permit

The general cost for a ROW permit is $150.00 plus repair of the street and ROW.  Depending on the project, inspection, road impact and boring fees may be required. 

General Costs:

ROW/Street Cut Permit                      $150 plus repair of the street and/or ROW

Boring Permit                                    $100 per bore plus costs

Inspection/Consultation Fee                (as needed)

   Scheduled                                      $100

   Unscheduled                                   $150

Commercial Road Impact                    Determined project to project

ROW Violation                                   $500 per incident

Please fill out the attached permit application and diagram and return to Town Hall prior to any work in the ROW.  

Please contact the Town Clerk at (970) 834-2844 for additional information.

Application and Planning Materials