Resident Services

The Ault Police Department provides the following services to the citizens of Ault and Pierce. Please note that fees may apply for these services. Any fee payments must be cash or check. No electronic payments are accepted at this time.

VIN Verifications

VIN verifications are completed by the patrol division. A fee of $20.00 must be paid at the Ault Police Department PRIOR to an Officer completing the verification. Please make sure you have the current title or registration for the vehicle AND the VIN number is clearly visible.

What is a VIN verification?

In addition to the title or registration, the state requires a verification of the serial number on the vehicle, to match the number on the title or registration. This inspection can be made by a Colorado licensed dealer, a Colorado licensed inspection station or a Colorado law enforcement officer. The inspection is annotated on form DR 2698- Verification of Vehicle Identification. This form is also available at all motor vehicle locations and emission stations.

A VIN verification is required before registering a vehicle in the State of Colorado when the vehicle

     – has an out-of-state title,
     – was purchased outside of Colorado
     – was transferred on a Purged Bill of Sale, or
     – requires a correction to the description on the title.

VIN Verification Form – DR2698

Certified VIN Inspections

Certified VIN Inspections are offered by appointment only. Please contact the Ault Police Department during normal business hours to schedule an appointment. A fee of $50.00 must be paid at the Ault Police Department PRIOR to the completion of the VIN inspection.

Certified VIN Inspection appointments are available Monday through Friday afternoons starting at 3:00pm at the Ault Police Department.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath alcohol testing can be completed at the Ault Police Department during normal business hours. A fee of $5.00 must be paid at the time of the breath alcohol test. Please bring any paperwork you need completed at the time of the test. Paperwork will not be completed at a later time due to not having it with you.


Fingerprinting services are no longer provided.

The State of Colorado has developed the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) program for fingerprinting within the state of Colorado. Further information on the CABS program can be obtained by clicking on the link below. 

Colorado CABS Program